Factorio Server Hosting and Rental


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We always strive to provide you with the best Factorio server hosting service possible. Here is what we offer:

Instantly Available

Your Factorio server will be automatically deployed minutes after you sign up.

Easy Map Configuration

Configure Factorio map settings within our custom-build control panel. No need to dig into Factorio server files.

Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with our service, contact support within 7 days after purchase and get your money back.

Manage Saved Games

Upload your saved games to your Factorio server and continue building your massive factory with your friends. Or create new games with a click of a button.

Upload Mods

Upload Factorio mods to your server and have a customized game experience!

Configure Everything!

We want to make your job as Factorio server admin as easy as possible. This is why you can configure all Factorio server settings within our custom-build control panel.

Pricing Table

Player Slots $/month
2 5.99 Start Free Trial Now
3-4 9.99 Start Free Trial Now
5-10 19.99 Start Free Trial Now
11-16 34.99 Start Free Trial Now
17-32 69.69 Start Free Trial Now

You can cancel your subscription any time!

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